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1. Introduction

Welcome to the website http://www.snookerinfo.ro (the "Site").

The following terms and conditions are considered to constitute minimum applicable provisions, the use of the site being subject to the general provisions of the legislation in force.

By accessing the site, Users agree to comply with the terms and conditions presented below as well as the applicable legislation.

2. Site Content

By accessing and using the Site, you will find information about the general presentation of the site, the description of the services offered and other general information about the subject of the site, information available in the public domain.

At the same time, the Site may also contain news, articles and other materials that may concern relevant information related to the subject of the site.

The information contained in this site is general in nature and has been entered in good faith. snookerinfo.ro does not guarantee that the information contained in this site is complete or accurate and should not be considered relevant in certain situations. We are not liable for any loss, damage or expense (including, but not limited to, any indirect, incidental or consequential loss of profit) that may arise from your access to or use of this website.

If references are made to other sites, snookerinfo.ro does not guarantee and/or confirm in any way the type of information found on them. It remains at the discretion of the User whether or not to visit these sites and whether or not to consider the information found there. For the respective sites, the responsibility is borne, in full, by their owners.

3. Use of Content; Restrictions; Privacy statement.

Using and visiting the Site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. For the best use of the site, it is recommended to carefully read all terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site. The company reserves the right to make changes to these provisions without prior notice.

When you access the Site, you agree to use this service only for legal purposes. Specifically, you undertake to:

• do not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information or services obtained from or through this website;

• do not allow/authorize any third party to use the site to transmit or receive any material that contravenes any law or legal provisions in force, of an obscene, threatening, aggressive, defamatory, racist, etc. nature;

• do not copy or use any software, elements related to the protection of intellectual rights, registered trademarks and logo available on the website and any patented process or technology incorporated or described in this Website.

• do not carry out or allow the carrying out of cracking or hacking activities, or Denial of Service attacks. Users who violate the security of the site, systems or server networks on which it is maintained may be prosecuted in court, civilly and criminally.

You will comply with all applicable laws in accessing and using this Website.

The website uses your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, as well as the Policy regarding the Cookies modules, contained in this website.

4. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

This website contains general information only and we do not provide any other services through the website, nor do we undertake through this website to provide these services in the future.

The Website may contain links to sites and resources that are not our property. snookerinfo.ro has no control over these sites and the resources found within them and, therefore, will not be responsible for the availability of these sites, nor for the content, advertising, goods, services, information or other materials available on these sites, for the functionality or performance of these sites, or for infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights arising within these sites. By accessing the indicated sites, you confirm that you understand the possible consequences of accessing the indicated sites and accept the above terms and conditions.

5. Protection against viruses

snookerinfo.ro makes every effort to verify and test the material offered by this Website in all stages of production. We also recommend that users run an anti-virus program for all material downloaded from the Internet. snookerinfo.ro assumes no responsibility for any loss, interruption or damage to your data or system, which may occur while browsing our Website.

7. Copyright

The name and logo of the site are trademarks owned by snookerinfo.ro and/or other suppliers based on contact, and may not be taken over, copied or used without the written consent of the owner.

The site offers each of its users the opportunity to access the content provided for the user's personal use.

The use by any person, without the consent of snookerinfo.ro, of web graphic elements, scripts, programs, databases, images, text, is punishable in accordance with the laws in force (administrative, civil or criminal). The information may not be reproduced, distributed or transmitted to another person or incorporated in any way into another document or material without the prior written permission of their authors. The users of the site understand the intellectual property right and will not disclose to a third party or make public (on the Internet or the media), any of the information received as a result of the use of this site.

8. Changes to Terms and Conditions of Use

We may revise these Terms of Use at any time, at our discretion, by posting such revised Terms of Use at the Terms of Use link (ie this page you are currently viewing) or elsewhere on this website. Such revisions will be effective with respect to you upon posting, unless expressly stated otherwise by us. It is your responsibility to be aware of any such revised Terms of Use by checking this web page. Your continued use of this site after these Terms of Use have been modified constitutes your agreement to the revised Terms of Use.

Date of last update: 19.01.2024


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